Burnaby School District Aiming for Zero Emissions with EndoTherm


 The Burnaby School District has the monumental task of operating at zero carbon emissions. The Climate Change Accountability Act requires all British Columbia public sector organizations to be carbon neutral, this includes all BC Schools. As a result, the Burnaby School District is required to minimize their carbon emissions and purchase costly carbon offsets for any emissions that remain. The majority of Burnaby and other school district emissions are generated by the burning of fossil fuels to heat the school buildings. It was clear that reducing building emissions would have the biggest impact on the District’s zero emission targets but standard solutions, like boiler replacement, have simple payback that are often over 10 years.


The majority of Burnaby School Districts schools are heated by hydronic boiler systems. Pace Solutions has provided water treatment services to prevent corrosion in these hydronic boiler systems for many years. In 2017, Pace approached the School District with EndoTherm to help lower boiler natural gas consumption and reduce carbon emissions. EndoTherm can provide energy savings similar to replacing a boiler but at a fraction of the cost, with a simple payback in less than two years.

Six schools were selected to demonstrate EndoTherm’s energy saving potential. Monthly data was provided by Burnaby School District for all schools dating back to September 2016. Taking guidance from the International Protocol of the Measurement and Verification of Performance (IPMVP) a regression graph was constructed using this data; normalized with Heating Degree Days from a weather station (Brentwood-Parkcrest) in the Burnaby area.


Annual Savings: $12,240
Project Simple Payback 22 Months
Energy Reduction Total: 1,370 GJ
5 Year Net Savings $14,395
Annual CO2 Reduction 82,500 KG CO2e
Equivalent Vehicle Removal: 17.8

After the installation of EndoTherm, energy performance was tracked over the winter months resulting in an average natural gas reduction of 11.17% across all 6 schools. The EndoTherm project cut the school’s annual natural gas demand by 1,370 gigajoules, saving the District $12,240 in utility bills. Best off all, the reduction of 1370 gigajoules reduced the Districts carbon emissions by 82,500 KG which is the equivilent of removing the annual carbon emissions from 17.8 passenger vehicles. EndoTherm is now helping the Burnaby School District reach their zero emissions targets.

Pace offers a no charge evaluation to calculate your buildings projected savings with EndoTherm.

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