Flammability Removed From DDAC Products

01 Jan 2020
Pace Staff

Testing confirmed the flammability designation is removed from all DDAC (didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride) formulated products in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. A prior announcement, new SDS sheets, specimen labels were sent out mid-August 2019 to distributors of these products. Labels and SDS sheets are accessible here. This update is to elucidate further the changes that were made with these Pace 49 and Pace Solutions products.

The following products had flammability removed: KleenGrow, Chemprocide, Pace PW-2

Please note shipping designations:

  • The UN code for KleenGrow and Chemprocide changed from 1993 to UN 1903.
  • The UN code Pace PW-2 changed from 1993 to UN 1760.

When previously shipping DDAC products that were Class 3 Flammable, they were also considered Class 8 Corrosive. Designated Flammable labeling takes precedent over Corrosive labeling. When Flammability was removed from the above listed products, the Class 8 Corrosive became the new label designation for any products which ships >1.3 gallons; conversely for the above listed products which ship at or below this volume threshold fall under limited quantity “LTD QTY” exception, meaning they ship non-hazardous and non-corrosive. The assigned packing group, Packing Group III, remains unchanged. See section 14 on the SDS sheets for further guidance on DOT shipping regulation.

Thank you and please contact Pace with any questions.