Case Studies

Combating Rising Propane Costs With EndoGreen®


Peace Tree Farms was facing variable and rising propane prices in Kintnersville, PA area. With an average annual consumption of nearly 70K gallons, the vast majority of gas spend at Peace Tree Farm is via water fed boilers. Therefore, in an industry where labor costs and energy spend dominate company overhead, discovering cost savings measures through improvements in heat transfer efficiency remained lucrative.


Peace Tree Farm is heated primarily using propane via (2) boilers and several stand-alone space heaters. Historical propane consumption was monitored and normalized to heating degree day (HDD). EndoGreen® was installed on site in December of 2019. The goal was to yield a 10-15% consumption savings on boiler use for space heating. The project also included treatment for corrosion control.

We have noticed better heating since the EndoGreen® install.

Lloyd Traven
Owner – Peace Tree Farm


Annual Savings $8,120
5 Year Projected: $40,600
Project ROI 14 Months
Energy Reduction Total 9.87%
Annual Demand Savings 4921.75 gal
Annual Reduction 28,349 kg
Equivalent Vehicle Removal 6.1

These results substantiate EndoGreen® product performance. By way of improvements in heat transfer efficiency, it should be noted that EndoGreen® ensures to hit temperature set points more effectively. EndoGreen® will improve system delta T as systems heat up more quickly and distribute heat more uniformly as called upon by heating requirements.