Pace Solutions Celebrates World Water Day

22 Mar 2022

Clean water solutions, sustainability, and conservation is at the core of Pace Solution’s mission.  For World Water Day this year, UN Water is focusing on groundwater, with the theme Groundwater: Making the Invisible Visible.

You may be asking why a water treatment company for commercial boiler systems and cooling tower services would be interested in groundwater. The simple answer, from an industrial standpoint, is the quality of water that enters your building or facility affects both the health of your water system and the health of your staff.  These two points occupy the top slots in our list of concerns for our customers, closely followed by the health of the planet and everything that exists on it. All of which, depends on water.

Why is groundwater important?

The varying layers of soil, sand, gravel, rock, etc. act as the most efficient water filtration system humans have. No technology on earth can adequately clean and redistribute water at the volume needed to sustain humans, let alone the entire planet.

Underground aquifers and the water table store and naturally process astronomical amounts of the earth’s water every day. According to UN Water, almost all of the liquid freshwater in the world is groundwater. It is the fuel on which the earth lives.

Our customers and clean groundwater

The majority of our customers depend on groundwater to keep their operations going. The cleaner the water, the less impact it has on water systems when it is finally utilized for industrial or commercial purposes. The presence of intrusive chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, heavy metals, and other inorganic or manmade pollutants can have an adverse effect on systems and contribute to corrosion, scale buildup, etc.

Cleaner groundwater takes the burden off reverse osmosis (R.O.) units and other pre-treatment systems, increasing the service life of the equipment. In steam boilers, R.O. increases concentration ratios and decreases alkalinity, translating into lower water, chemical and energy consumption, and a reduction in the cost of operation. In the long term, high-quality antiscalants and regular cleanings are required for an R.O. unit to continue to provide such benefits.

You help the earth by choosing Pace!

We care about every drop of water that enters and leaves your system. To promote less water consumption and greater sustainability, we use environmentally friendly products and sustainable best practices. We ensure that the water in your system is working at its peak efficiency and the water leaving your system is purer than when it entered.