Saving Energy and Lowering Costs for Indigenous Housing

Dakelh & Quesnel Community Housing Society (DQCHS) installed EndoTherm in boiler system water at Milestone Manor, a 31 unit family housing apartment building in downtown Quesnel, BC. EndoTherm helps systems heat up quicker and stay warmer longer, thus requiring fewer heating cycles and reducing the strain on the boiler. The result was lower energy consumption by 12.04% and significant annual energy cost savings. 

After installation, DQCHS received a $400 rebate on EndoTherm, available to FortisBC customers in British Columbia, Canada.

A case study was produced in association with the Aboriginal Housing Management Association (AHMA). To see the details, data, and result of this 6-month-long analysis, download the AHMA Case Study.


Annual Savings: $1,309.12
5 Year Projected: $9,448.93
Project ROI: 6 Months
Energy Reduction Total: 12.04%
Annual Demand Savings: $1,889.78
Annual CO2 Reduction: 6,900kg

After the addition of EndoTherm in November of 2020, the recorded energy consumption over six months was 137.80 GJ lower than the predicted values from the historical baseline. The consumption was higher during the coldest month (February 2021), but this value was much lower than similar values over the baseline period.

Milestone Manor experienced a 12.04% reduction in total natural gas consumption by adding EndoTherm to their boiler system. DQCHS saved $1,309.12 in natural gas and 6,900kg of CO2e greenhouse gases within the first six months. After receiving a $400 rebate, they achieved a full payback. 

EndoTherm is expected to save Milestone Manor $1,889.78 per year in natural gas costs and $9,448.93 over the next five years (excluding future increases in unit rates/carbon tax).