Potable Water

Clearing the Way for Sustainability

The Potable Water Program helps protect systems and improve water quality by preventing scale build-up and pinhole leaks caused by corrosion, through water treatment solutions and services that are eco-friendly and cost-effective.

A Clear Course To System Health

The Potable Water Program is designed to improve water quality and protect systems from the expensive degradation caused by composites. At the core of the program is a NSF certified proprietary potable water treatment product, Parafos®.

What Is a Potable Water System

A potable water system draws from municipal or local treated water systems and delivers water intended for human use and consumption. While safe for use water is very corrosive to internal plumbing and carries suspended minerals, which can build up inside pipes, hot water tanks and fixtures.

Common Issues In Potable Water Systems


Minerals like magnesium and calcium buildup will result in reduced efficiency, degraded water pressure, fouling and clogging in fixture and pipework, expensive equipment replacement, and disruptive downtime.


Pinholes leaks caused by water corrosion can result in expensive building damage including water damage, mold, seal abrasion, pump failure and potential a complete building re-pipe.


Oxidation can cause unsightly red, green, or black staining in sinks, toilets and other fixtures.

Potable Water System Solutions

Added in small doses to water, Parafos® suspends minerals in the stream, preventing scale buildup, and gradually dissolves existing scale and iron deposits. By preventing and eliminating scale, Parafos® improves the efficiency of your system and reduces energy costs.

Parafos® forms a monomolecular film on the waterside of metal plumbing surfaces. This protective barrier alleviates many of the problems associated with corrosion and pinhole leaks.

Most importantly, Parafos® is NSF and CFIA approved to be safe for human consumption and environmental discharge. It is also colourless, odourless and tasteless

Unlike other potable water solutions, Parafos® can never reach unsafe levels and will not prevent future plumbing repairs.

Certified Safe for all Systems

Parafos® is tested and certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

Low Water Quality, Potential For Structural Damage

An older building with an aging potable water system was experiencing cloudy water and staining in sinks. Leakage was also slowly causing potential structural damage. Managers sought a budget-friendly solution to improve water quality and mitigate the corrosion causing the leaks.


Pace technicians assessed the issues and identified problem areas within the system. They used expert servicing techniques and Parafos® to remediate scale/calcium deposits, sequester material into the stream, seal pinhole leaks and treat the stain-causing oxidization.

Safer, More Efficient Potable Water System

The result was a safer and more efficient potable water system. With less corrosion and scale buildup in the pipes, the water was clearer. Oxidization no longer stained sinks and due to a protective chemical coating, small leaks causing expensive water damage were abated.

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