e-Service Reporting

Cost-Saving & Environmental Innovations

Pace’s e-Service Reporting and Management Plan is a secure browser-based data aggregation platform that offers easy-to-read detailed analysis and customizable KPIs (key performance indicators) and alerts.

The goal of the system is to inform and support maintenance decisions and budgeting that help increase efficiency and lower carbon emissions. Reports on system operations and efficiency empowers managers to present the best case for cost and energy-saving improvements. Alerts go to both maintenance staff and the Pace partner technician for a rapid and informed response.

The Pace e-Service Reporting and Management Plan features:

  • Basic and Advanced plans based on budget and need
  • 24/7 access from phone or computer
  • Staff input daily test results and readings into a simple intuitive platform
  • Alert ranges fixed to customized set points and KPIs
  • Trend data for set time periods
  • Troubleshooting based upon real-time readings
  • Detailed reporting
  • Remote access to all critical communication, service reports, SDS Library

Monitored systems Include:

  • Cooling Towers & Condensers
  • Closed Heating Systems
  • Closed Chilled & Process Water Systems
  • Steam Boiler Systems