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There are vendors and there are partners. We are partners. Using expert data analysis and remote monitoring, we team up with maintenance staff to bolster system efficiency, control costs, prevent common problems and improve reporting.

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Test Reporting & Data Management Platform

E-service is a test reporting program that offers customers with 24/7 secure access to all water treatment test reports. View your latest test reports from Pace’s site services or record your own onsite test results on the easy to use, cloud based server.

The goal of the system is to provide facilities staff with instant 2-way access, allowing the team to trend areas of concern and make informed maintenance decisions.

The Pace e-Service Reporting and Management Plan features:

Monitored systems Include:

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Managing Budgets & Facilities

Needing better forecasting of upcoming budget requirements for operations, the Director of Facilities at a school district sought a system that aggregated energy and water data. They also required a system that alerted them to potential issues and allowing customized data to identify areas of improvement.

New Solutions for Prevention

Pace’s e-Service Reporting and Management Plan was implemented with pointed alerts and data set points. Communication channels with Pace experts and maintenance staff were established. This would alert users before a problem arose, allowing them to focus on prevention.

Data Input, Efficiency Output

Using the intuitive platform, the data from Pace service team site visits was inputted and aggregated. Administrators were able to identify properties that required system improvements, as well as times when measures should be taken to increase efficiency. Moreover, reports and proposed budgets were more comprehensive and informed.

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