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Our Wastewater Treatment Solutions include eco-friendly flocculants and coagulants that are designed to rid industrial water of contaminants and ensure that effluent discharge limits are met. Our solutions also include a variety of bioaugmentation techniques.

Eco-Friendly, Cost-Effective

Our Wastewater Treatment Programs are designed to clarify water from contaminants that cause fouling, sediment, and odorous surface growth while safeguarding natural resources like rivers, lakes, and more.

Using proprietary polymer blends, our eco-friendly flocculants and coagulants offer improved water clarification with fast settling rates and reduced sludge for healthier industrial systems, ponds, lagoons, and impoundments.


Our coagulant products are designed to function in a wide variety of treatment applications. These clarification aids help with the removal of collodial turbidity and contaminants such as oil, phosphate and heavy metals. They can be used separately or in conjunction with organic flocculants.


Once waste is coagulated, flocculation induces waste solids to aggregate. Depending on the application, flocculants cause solids to either sink to the bottom or float to the surface of the water, making them easier to remove or flush.


Bioaugmentation is the process of using selected microorganisms to biologically clean up a specific contaminated area. Pace Solutions will work with you to select easy to use, non-pathogenic microbes to breakdown different types of contaminants.

Incomplete Wastewater Treatments

After environmental testing, the residual from a processing plant created wastewater that was found to be in violation of their permit. Containing a combination of both organic and mineral material, operators found their current treatments only addressed heavy solids.

Improved Treatment Methods

Pace technicians inspected the treatment methods and suggested an economical treatment plan that enhanced the current efforts with the addition of bioaugmentation methods to treat organic contaminants.

Permit Compliant Wastewater

The results of wastewater treatment can take time but Pace experts provided a testing schedule and estimated time. Wastewater showed compliant levels quickly and at the end of the testing period, permit requirements were exceeded.

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