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Canadian industries trust us to design, optimize, and maintain their wastewater treatment facilities and programs to meet local regulatory specifications and to avoid costly surcharges. We deliver tailored solutions that align with your operational, financial, and compliance needs.

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Industrial Wastewater Solutions

The scope of past projects includes aerobic and anaerobic processes as well as MBBR, MBR, and DAF systems installed in settings ranging from manufacturing to meat processing to oilseed crush facilities — including canola. These projects continue to meet or exceed our customers’ discharge limits for BOD, COD, and TSS.

Tailored Treatment Programs & Innovation

Our dedicated team and customized treatment programs help our customers to:

A Complete Water Treatment Solution

Industrial Water Treatment – Our service offerings include treatment systems and solutions for clarification, filtration, ion exchange, softening, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, and more. This includes our energy-saving water additive EndoTherm, which has proven to lower greenhouse gas emissions by up to 15%.

Industrial System Management – From boilers to cooling towers, we perform preventative maintenance and testing that mitigates unscheduled downtime and protects employees and communities from Legionella outbreaks associated with water systems.  

Industrial Wastewater Services – We provide primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment, service, and support options across the entire wastewater lifecycle. Our tailor-made solutions are designed to recover value from your effluent.

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Troubleshooting and optimization are our specialties. Contact us to book a system audit in your facility.

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Incomplete Wastewater Treatments

After environmental testing, the residual from a processing plant created wastewater that was found to be in violation of their permit. Containing a combination of both organic and mineral material, operators found their current treatments only addressed heavy solids.

Improved Treatment Methods

Pace technicians inspected the treatment methods and suggested an economical treatment plan that enhanced the current efforts with the addition of bioaugmentation methods to treat organic contaminants.

Permit Compliant Wastewater

The results of wastewater treatment can take time but Pace experts provided a testing schedule and estimated time. Wastewater showed compliant levels quickly and at the end of the testing period, permit requirements were exceeded.

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