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We help reduce your building’s energy consumption and GHG emissions by up to 15%. This is accomplished by maximizing the efficiency and performance of your water heating and cooling system using expert servicing techniques and our innovative cost-effective water additives.

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Not all buildings are eligible for a rebate.

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Meet Efficiency And Sustainability Goals

Our goal is to help mitigate the effects of global climate change by supporting your efforts to reduce building CO2 emissions using environmentally sustainable products. We’re able to reduce energy consumption and emissions by up to 15% by maximizing the efficiency and performance of closed loop water systems through remediation, protection, and prevention.

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Causes of Water System Energy Inefficiency

Many HVAC systems use water to deliver or exhaust heat in a building. Certain factors cause mechanical components to use more energy to heat or cool leading to increased emissions.

Energy Solutions

EndoTherm® reduces the surface tension of water in closed loop hydronic heating and chilled systems, improving heat transfer and lowering energy consumption.

HVAC Solutions

Corrosion and scale inhibitors, along with filtration, prevent corrosion and maintain clean heat transfer surfaces, for optimum energy efficiency in closed loop, cooling tower, and steam boiler systems.

Pace Eco Program

HVAC systems in buildings account for 18% of all GHG emissions in North America. The Pace Eco Program is a turnkey solution to address all water treatment needs in a building. Managers and Maintenance receive full support with energy efficiency, system protection and scheduled testing to ensure the performance of the HVAC system in their commercial, industrial, institutional and residential buildings.

The Pace Eco-Program offers:

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Rising Energy Costs

A gradual rise in energy costs for several buildings was observed in a management company’s portfolio. Aging boiler systems required downtime and excessive maintenance from water loss and scale buildup caused by corrosion. Moreover, environmental assessments show a rise in GHG emissions.

EndoTherm® And Parafos®

Pace experts assessed the boiler systems, performed system maintenance and applied EndoTherm® to recirculated water. The treatment was added to reduce the surface tension of the water so heat could be more efficiently exchanged with piping, reducing the burden on equipment to retain temperature set points.

Parafos® was dosed to the potable water system to help remove the calcium build up that had accumulated in the domestic water lines which also contributed to the reduction in energy consumption.

Efficiency Increased, Cost and Emissions Decreased

After the application of water treatments and the implementation of a service schedule, heat transfer efficiency and system efficiency increased. Energy use and natural gas costs went down across the entire portfolio offering a simple payback in less than two years. CO2 emissions were reduced by nearly 14%.



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