Plant Shutdown

Prevention-Minded Shutdown Services

The Plant Shutdown Program implements the most effective water treatment plan to minimize water-related disruptions and ensure continuous plant operations. We seamlessly integrate into your team’s strategy to offer a work schedule that complies with your maintenance timeline.

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Plant Shutdown Water Experts

The Plant Shutdown Program is a budget-conscious suite of services that focus on water systems with the goal of detecting potential issues, identifying inefficiencies and preventing downtime.

Planning And Scoping

Pace experts meet with supervisors from each internal department to prepare a shutdown action list, schedules, and timelines, as well as review safety permits to create lockout procedures and a workplace safety plan. They also meet with scaffolding, plumbing, and electrical contractors to coordinate workflows.

Service, Clean, Refurbish, Install

Reporting And Economical Solutions

Pace provides a final written report documenting work performed with equipment inspection documentation using forms, photos, and video. This includes borescope inspections of boilers, deaerators, heat exchangers, and process equipment.

We offer safety-centered, budget-minded solutions for current or future improvements are made by field-trained Pace technicians.


Operation Interruptions

A production plant conducted its annual shutdown using an internal team without a water treatment consultant. Only a couple of months after the shutdown, issues with previously undetected pipe leakage arose. This threw off logistics, delayed scheduled deliveries and raised the cost of operation.

Quick Response, Treatment, and Follow Up

Pace specialists were called in to help identify critical control points, cease the water losses and ensure the boiler plant equipment was properly protected.  Technicians followed up with a detailed report for implementing lasting maintenance solutions.

Downtime Eliminated, Efficiency Increased, Lower Costs

With the addition of a Pace water treatment expert in the next shutdown, the period following it experienced no issues or downtime associated with the water systems. In fact, the system operated more efficiently with less maintenance resulting in a lower cost of operation.

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