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We’re dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers by offering programs designed around their unique needs supported by carefully researched, formulated and field-tested products.

Welcome to Pace Solutions

MISSION: We are committed to elevating the experiences of our customers by consistently delivering more than what is expected, while nurturing a culture of growth and collaboration that empowers our team members to achieve their full potential.

Pace Solutions Corp. has 10 offices and 7 warehouses located strategically throughout Canada, from British Columbia to Ontario, in order to properly service our local customers. In some regions, customers are concerned with scale prevention while in softer water regions our customers require corrosion prevention, so Pace has developed many unique formulations for cooling towers, steam boilers and closed looped heating and chilled systems. By contacting your local Pace Technical Representatives they can help develop a treatment program to meet all of your needs.

With over 40 years in business, Pace has evolved into a water and energy conservation partner for its clients. New initiatives like the Pace RemoteLink System (Water and Energy Tracking) and energy saving additives EndoTherm® and EndoGreen® help combat rising energy costs and building CO2 emissions.

Through our Plant Health Division, Pace provides a complete line of industrial cleaning and disinfecting products, all approved by the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) or PRMA (Pest Management Regulatory Agency), for food plant or greenhouse use. The Pace ACBD System® (Always Clean Before Disinfecting) was developed to help companies conform to HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and Food Safety programs in bakeries, greenhouses, medicinal growing facilities and many other demanding applications.

We believe that if we always strive to satisfy our customers’ needs and provide timely service, we will keep their business. For this reason, many of our customers have stayed with us for over 40 years. Call us today for answers to how Pace Solutions can help lower your company’s maintenance costs and energy consumption.

Setting the Pace

Our approach is to operate as a fully sustainable company by providing long term consumer value. This includes creating green strategies aimed towards carbon neutrality, reducing energy expenses, reducing water consumption, reducing waste materials, reducing environmental impact and reducing operational risks.

Our technical representatives are our most valued resource.  Technical Representatives are professionally trained in all aspects of industrial water treatment applications through the advanced training provided by the AWT (Association of Water Technologies), and through our internal Pace Academy training seminars.  This ensures our clients receive exceptional and knowledgeable service that pertains to their water treatment application.


It Began With the Dream of a Cleaner Future

Pace’s history began when William (Bill) Martin, a Vancouver entrepreneur, opened a chemical manufacturing operation in Burnaby, B.C., to meet the needs of the Metro Vancouver area for industrial water treatment and cleaning products.

Over 40 years later, Bill is still active as the Chairman of Pace’s Board.


Pace Joins the Association of Water Technologies (AWT)

The Association of Water Technologies (AWT) is founded and Pace begins active participation to provide our team the tools they need to succeed and grow their careers, with continual training, certification, networking, and regulatory and public awareness programs. Our active involvement and membership continues to this day.


Pace Starts Plant Health Division for Horticulture Industry

Pace initiates the Horticulture Plant Health division to help growers increase crop yields and mitigate losses from seed to shipping using field-tested adjuvants, cleaners and disinfectants.  Also introduced the ACBD System® (Always Clean Before Disinfecting) to maximize plant health by providing affordable solutions, so growers can produce their best crops.


First Certified Water Technologist (CWT)

Pace’s Senior Vice President. Glenn Strelau, obtains his CWT accreditation, the first in Western Canada. A CWT designation demonstrates that an individual is a certified professional from the Association of Water Technologies (AWT) and has obtained a standard of excellence in the water treatment industry.


Pace 49 (USA) is Founded

Pace 49 initiates the Horticulture Plant Health Team in the US and Mexico, helping growers increase crop yields and mitigate losses from seed to shipping using field-tested adjuvants, cleaners and disinfectants.


New President & SAI Engineering Acquisition

Wes Martin succeeds his father as the new President. Pace now becomes a second-generation family operated company.

Pace acquires the water treatment division of SAI Engineering in Edmonton. Pace officially opens its Edmonton office and warehouse.


Pace Acquires Sumco, Maxim & Solutech

Pace acquires Sumco Technologies in Calgary and officially opens the Calgary office and warehouse.
Pace then merges with Maxim Chemicals and opens an office and manufacturing facility in  Regina, as well as an office in Saskatoon.

Later that year, Pace also acquires Solutech in Calgary to strengthen our Southern Alberta presence.


Pace Introduces Energy Saving Technology

Pace partners with Endo Enterprises (UK) Ltd. to become the corporate North American manufacturer and distributor of the energy saving additives, EndoTherm® and EndoGreen®.

Successful case studies throughout North America confirm heating and cooling water systems were now saving up to 15% in energy and carbon emissions.


Pace Acquires Energy Guard Water Technologies (EGWT)

Pace acquires Energy Guard Water Technologies (EGWT), a respected name in water engineering headquartered in Regina, SK.

This strengthens the technical and service teams in Regina, Saskatoon, Yorkton and throughout the province of Saskatchewan.


Pace Acquires Keytech and Partners with SUEZ

Pace acquires Keytech in Edmonton, AB. This further strengthens the technical and service teams for Edmonton and all of Northern Alberta.

Pace becomes the Canadian channel partner for Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions, (formerly know as SUEZ Water Technologies).


Company Name Change to Pace Solutions

We change our company name to Pace Solutions Corp. to more accurately reflect the diverse services we provide for our clients, such as water treatment solutions, energy conservation solutions, legionella risk management solutions and plant health solutions.

Pace opens a division in Winnipeg, completing our representation in all 4 Canadian Western Provinces.


Pace Acquires Glengarry Chemicals

Pace acquires Glengarry Chemicals, who are well respected for their exceptional personalized service and integrity in the Greater Toronto area. This Ontario division provides Pace Solutions with a national presence in Canada.

Pace becomes a distributor of ProMoss, a sustainable plant-based water treatment for cooling towers, closed loop systems and many other applications.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We are very happy with the service Pace provided at our recent shutdown. I know I can rely on the guys to be there and get it done whenever called upon.”

Jason R.
Chief Engineer
Richardson Oilseed

“The University of Alberta has been dealing with Doug Aire and his team from Pace Solutions for over 20 years. Doug and his team are very knowledgeable in what chemicals are best for our systems. They provide exceptional service were you can call on Doug and his team anytime with issues knowing that they  have your back and resolve the issue in a timely matter. I would recommend Pace Solutions to any business with water treatment issues.”

Bill S.
Mechanical Supervisor
University of Alberta

“For 20 years we have relied on the expertise, judgement and assistance of Doug and the professional team he works with to assist us in analysis and decision making, as well as further learning and adapting as the treatment industry and chemicals change.  We would not rely on any other service provider and cannot say enough good things about the support we have received.”

Dave C.
Plumbing & Electrical Department Manager
Reggin Technical Services Ltd.

Senior Management Team

Wes Martin

President & CEO

As President & CEO, Wes leads the company with his visionary strategies, direction and leadership.

Wes is a 2nd generation family member of Pace Solutions.

Glenn Strelau, CWT, AScT, LEED GA

Senior Vice President

As Sr. Vice President, Glenn leads Pace’s technical and sales direction, along with overseeing all of Pace’s Regional Managers.

Glenn is a Certified Water Technologist (CWT) with the Association of Water Technologies (AWT) and a LEED Green Associate with GBCI.

Terence Fong, CPA, CGA

Vice President – Finance

As Vice President of Finance, Terence oversees the administration and processing of all financial matters within our organization.  Terence is extremely committed and dedicated in his role, leading our administrative team across the country.

Jeremy Bradley

Vice President

As Vice President, Jeremy is an integral part of the Pace senior management team and technical team.

Jeremy uses his vast experience and knowledge to implement water treatment applications for Pace’s larger industrial projects.

Contact Jeremy

Ho Yi Lau

Regulatory Manager & Health/Safety Officer

As Regulatory Manager, Ho Yi oversees our laboratory operations and quality control of production.  As our Health & Safety Officer, she also is responsible for ensuring compliance with regulatory bodies and standards, conducting audits and reviews of existing health and safety policies, advising our team on safety procedures and conducting training sessions.

Ho Yi has a B.Sc. in Chemistry and is also an integral part of our Pace Culture Committee.

Dez Haddock

People and Culture Manager

As People & Culture Manager, Dez leads our culture committee and employs a team wide people-first approach to fortify our company culture, which extends to our clients and fuels success.

Contact Dez


Will Wilson, LEED GA

Development & Sustainability Manager

As Development & Sustainability Manager, Will oversees the Energy Efficiency Division of Pace.

Will is a LEED Green Associate with the GBCI, demonstrating his credential designation with a documented, up-to-date understanding of the most current green building principles and practices.

Contact Will

Greg Fournier

Regional Manager – British Columbia

As Regional Manager, Greg manages the Pace Technical Representatives in British Columbia and also oversees all new construction projects in BC.

Greg has vast experience in industrial water treatment applications and is professionally trained by the Association of Water Technologies.

Contact Greg

Doug Aire

Regional Manager – Northern Alberta

As Regional Manager, Doug manages the Pace Technical Representatives in Edmonton and Northern  Alberta.

Doug has many years of building relationships and demonstrating to the customers that they come first.

Contact Doug

Dave Howe

Regional Manager – Southern Alberta

As Regional Manager, Dave manages the Pace Technical Representatives in Calgary and Southern Alberta.

Dave has vast water treatment experience that he proudly shares with his customers.

Contact Dave

Mahon Corkery

Regional Manager – Saskatchewan

As Regional Manager, Mahon manages the Pace Technical Representatives in Saskatchewan.

Mahon and his team have extensive experience in large industrial water treatment applications.

Contact Mahon

Dee Lewycky

Territory Manager – Manitoba

As Territory Manager, Dee manages the Manitoba region.

Dee has extensive experience in industrial water treatment applications and is professionally trained by the Association of Water Technologies.

Contact Dee

Andrew Aitchison

Regional Manager – Ontario

As Regional Manger, Andrew manages the technical and service teams in the Greater Toronto area.

Andrew and his team have extensive experience in water treatment applications.

Contact Andrew

Robin Pelky, B.Sc.

Manager – Special Projects

As Manager of Special Projects, Robin is an integral part of our Ontario team and overseeing our national business development.  Robin has a B.Sc. in Chemistry and uses his vast experience and knowledge to implement water treatment and wastewater treatment applications for our customers.

Contact Robin

Judy McWhorter

Vice President & National Sales Manager
Pace 49 Inc.

As Vice President and National Sales Manager of Pace 49 Inc., Judy oversees and manages the sales operations of our Horticulture Plant Health team throughout the United States.

Judy and her team have extensive experience and knowledge in programs and product solutions that provide our growers the best environmental conditions to produce the healthiest crops.

Contact Judy

Pace Careers

We work in water and energy conservation, but people are really the core of our business. We are always on the lookout for highly qualified, talented, and passionate individuals to join our team. Please send your CV and portfolio along with a cover letter to

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