Steam Boiler

Clean Heating Leads to Cost Savings

The Steam Boiler Treatment Program is designed to provide the optimum scale and corrosion protection, with a clear focus on prolonging the life of the boiler system, ensuring high steam purity, and improving the boiler efficiency to reduce the utility costs and operational downtime.

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Achieving High Efficiency Through Water Treatment

Steam boilers supply energy to the facility’s operations. Due to the elevated temperatures and the concentration effect in steam systems, the quality of the feedwater supplied to the boiler is essential and must be effectively treated to protect the boiler from corrosive contaminants such as dissolved gases and mineral salts.

Water Treatment Solutions For Steam Boiler Issues

Internal Treatment for Scale & Sludge

The presence of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and silica in the boiler feedwater can cycle up to higher concentrations due to the steaming process. The result is the deposition of these minerals on the boiler waterside surfaces, greatly interfering and reducing the boiler efficiency.

The Steam Boiler Treatment Program focuses on matching the internal treatment products to the boiler feedwater quality to prevent scale and excessive sludge accumulation. Utilizing the most advanced polymer technology available provides boiler cleanliness and optimum fuel efficiency.

Feedwater Corrosion Treatment

The introduction of dissolved gases (O2 and CO2) from the feedwater will promote severe corrosion in the steam boiler and steam system components (feed system & steam/condensate lines).

The Steam Boiler Treatment Program provides maximum corrosion protection to the boiler feedwater system before the water enters the boiler by including effective oxygen scavenging and passivating treatments. The program will be optimized based on the system operating pressure, makeup water quality, equipment specifics and process requirements.

Condensate Corrosion Treatment

Condensate is extremely valuable, so ensuring its quality and protecting condensate return apparatus against corrosion is important. Dissolved CO2 in the condensate can cause a carbonic acid attack on the condensate return lines, making the piping susceptible to leaks, ruptures and the re-introduction of dissolved iron back into the boiler feedwater system.

The Steam Boiler treatment program includes a wide line of neutralizing amine blends as well as filming inhibitor options which are excellent in reducing this corrosive attack. The program is tailored to the condensate system itself, length of pipe runs, number of runs, food safety requirements including organic food preparation.

Pre-Treatment Solutions

To provide the optimum feedwater quality for your steam boiler system, we can review, optimize and design your pre-treatment needs, such as water softeners and reverse osmosis equipment.


Decreasing Efficiency

A major Canadian food manufacturer had escalating steam boiler system fuel costs due to excessive blowdown requirements. This reduced efficiency and raised concerns over the wasted energy being lost to the drain.

Environmental Solutions That Save Energy

Pace experts visited the facility and performed a thorough assessment of the operation. They recommended a solution to the existing steam boiler pre-treatment equipment.

Improved Feedwater Quality, Lower Energy Costs

The operation had substantial energy savings which provided a return on investment within 10 months, along with ongoing energy savings exceeding $20,000 annually.


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