Eco Program

Maximizing Water Efficiency

To reverse the effects of climate change, we had to ask ourselves how Pace can contribute in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. By focusing on water as an energy transport medium, we make the energy used to heat and cool the built environment more efficient.

Attaining Sustainability Goals

The Pace Eco Program is designed to combine water treatment services and solutions for hydronic HVAC systems to make them more sustainable. This is done by extending the longevity of existing equipment and reducing energy consumption and emissions by up to 15%.

Pace Eco Program

HVAC systems in buildings account for 13% of all CO2 emissions in North America. The Pace Eco Program is a turn-key solution, making buildings more sustainable by solving all building water needs. The result is a balanced hydronic system that minimizes mechanical headaches, water usage, energy consumption, and emissions. Managers and maintenance receive full support with training and scheduled testing to ensure the performance of the HVAC system in their commercial, industrial, institutional and residential buildings.

Customized Service and Options:

How Does it Work?

Through the addition of EndoTherm® and good water quality, the system will consume up to 15% less energy on average. Balancing and monitoring corrosion inhibitors and glycol will extend equipment life by protecting the system components from corrosion, freeze protection, and fouling. Regular site visits and water testing are included to proactively ensure issues are caught and addressed immediately before causing expensive damage and downtime. Fixed and flexible billing options to help make sustainability affordable.


Energy Solutions

EndoTherm® reduces the surface tension of system water by 60% in closed-loop hydronic heating and chilled systems, improving heat transfer and significantly lowering energy consumption.

HVAC Solutions

Corrosion and scale inhibitors, along with filtration, prevent corrosion and maintain clean heat transfer surfaces, for optimum energy efficiency in all hydronic systems.

Rising Energy Usage and GHG Emissions

A University wanted to lower its natural gas consumption and GHG emissions from the heating systems across the campus but lacked the budget and capability of major equipment upgrades.

Improving Hydronic Heating and Cooling Efficiency

Implementing the Pace Eco-Program, experts assessed the hydronic system’s existing treatment and performance. EndoTherm® was added to reduce the water’s surface tension by 60%. A regular testing schedule was implemented to maintain treatment levels and monitor performance.

Costs Meet Environmental Goals

After the application of water treatment and EndoTherm®, weather-normalized energy use for the and GHG emissions for the University dropped by 14.3%.

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