Sustainable Plant-Based Water Treatment

We are dedicated to providing greener and more sustainable water treatment options. ProMoss uses the natural properties of Sphagnum moss to improve cooling tower water quality by inhibiting scale, corrosion, biological fouling and removing organic contamination.

What is ProMoss?

The first all-natural and sustainable plant-based water treatment solution, ProMoss uses the properties of Sphagnum moss to improve water quality, conserve water, reduce corrosion and scale, and drastically cut system maintenance time. Distributed into the system in condensed bricks, a bypass chamber, or small strips, introduction requires no change to an existing cooling tower configuration. The Sphagnum moss used in ProMoss is a natural, green plant that grows in bogs. Every 5-7 years it is sustainably harvested by hand, processed, sterilized, and packaged.

ProMoss Efficiency

Applicable for both hot and cold loop systems, ProMoss is primarily used in cooling towers. To stave off corrosion and scale buildup that can reduce the temperature transfer, operators regularly bleedoff excessive volumes of water and chemicals from the system. ProMoss mitigates corrosion, stops the accumulation of scale, cleans condensers, and reduces filter buildup. This leads to improved system efficiency and temperature transfer, which better retains HVAC setpoints and reduces the energy burden on the system. ProMoss will help you grade higher on the sustainability index by achieving all key efficiency targets including reducing energy consumption, lowering water consumption, and environmentally friendly bleedoff to your building’s wastewater discharge.

ProMoss Performance

ProMoss decreases water use and increases the cycles of concentration in cooling towers while reducing/eliminating chemical use and disposal. While mitigating heavy metal ions, ProMoss improves water quality, clarity, and stability. It also enhances system performance by removing organic contamination and scale resulting in significant savings on water. These benefits prolong equipment life and reduce the time and cost for maintenance and cleaning, satisfying the demand for sustainable facility management practices.

ProMoss Highlights

ProMoss Applications

ProMoss Dosing Systems (3 options)

1. Submersible Contact Chamber

A submersible contact chamber requires no structural modifications and is immersed directly into the cooling tower or water retention tank. The contact chamber contains bag(s) of ProMoss, which will be changed by your Pace service representative during their monthly site testing visit.

2. Bypass Contact Chamber

When a submersible contact chamber is not appropriate, a bypass contact chamber can be installed on the cooling tower circulation bypass lines. The ProMoss treatment will be changed by your Pace service representative during their monthly site testing visit.

3. ProMoss Strips

ProMoss strips are available for smaller closed loop systems where they can be inserted in a bypass filter housing or a bypass pot feeder.  The ProMoss strips will be changed by your Pace service representative during their monthly site testing visit.

To learn more about how ProMoss can be implemented for your facility, contact us.

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