Pace Becomes ProMoss™ Distributor for Western Canada

28 Apr 2021
Glenn Strelau Sr. Vice President

Pace Solutions Corp. is dedicated to providing greener and more sustainable water treatment options. We are pleased to announce that we are the authorized distributor of ProMoss in Western Canada. ProMoss is a sustainable plant-based water treatment for cooling towers, closed loop systems and many other applications. In cooling tower systems, ProMoss uses the natural properties of Sphagnum moss to improve the cooling water quality by inhibiting scale, corrosion, biological fouling and removing organic contamination. ProMoss decreases water use (increases the cycles of concentration in cooling towers) while reducing/eliminating chemical use and disposal.  ProMoss improves water quality, clarity, stability while reducing heavy metal ions.  With the use of ProMoss, you can improve efficiency of heat transfer by removing organic contamination and scale resulting in energy savings.  All of this will prolong equipment life, reduce maintenance & cleaning thus satisfying demand for sustainable facility management practices.

For more information on ProMoss, visit our ProMoss Webpage.