Can Nonionic Surfactant Treatment Improve Heat Transfer and Improve Energy Efficiency in Water Systems?

08 Dec 2021
Will Wilson Development and Sustainability Manager


Non-ionic surfactants are now being used to improve energy efficiency in boiler plants and chiller systems. The Association of Water Technologies (AWT) is an international water treatment association specializing in water treatment for industrial and commercial cooling and heating system. The Association produces a quarterly publication, The Analyst, to educate members on innovative technology and water treatment solutions. The recent Analyst publication featured an article explaining how nonionic surfactants, like EndoTherm, can improve heat transfer and increase energy efficiency in water-based HVAC systems. If you are interested in improving boiler or chiller system energy efficiency, check out the article below.

Download the article PDF as seen in the AWT Analyst

Article originally published in the Fall 2021 Analyst. Permission to use granted by the Association of Water Technologies. For more information, please visit