Disease Control

Early Prevention, Season Long Protection

From seed to shipping, disease control is pivotal to the life of your business. Providing young crops protection at the onset of propagation is the best method to prevent diseases that could contaminate operations. The Plant Heath disease control program was designed as a preventative and curative disease treatment.

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Control Plant Pathogens

The Disease & Algae Control Program is designed to control a wide range of plant pathogens from soil-borne fungi and algae to foliar bacteria. The disease control program featuring KleenGrow, easily blends with standard IPM programs providing a labor-saving, economical way to control plant pathogens on crops. 

As plant health advocates, we support all applications and disease claims through extensive research which has proven we are a leader in this industry for superior, efficacious plant pathogen control. 

KleenGrow Controls:


Safe for both workers and plants, KleenGrow offers long-lasting and effective broad-spectrum microbial control that is eco-friendly and biodegradable.

KleenGrow can be applied using a sprayer, sub or overhead irrigation system, or as a stand-alone product or a tank mix with other compatible pesticides or nutritional additives. Pace Technical Sales Representatives provide detailed procedures to achieve optimum disease control.

KleenGrow Uses:

Apply to new propagation material as a pest preventative.

Apply to foliage and soils biweekly on mature crops as maintenance to help prevent crop loss due to plant pathogen contamination.

Apply as a pre-ship spray to provide added disease & algae control protection during transportation to confidently ship your customers healthy plants.


Algae Nightmare

Growers found a large area of potted Cordyline with algae growth covering the soil. This issue occurred during a period of excess heat. Knowing that algae carries diseases that could destroy this crop, a solution was quickly sought out.

Prevent Disease 

A distributor representative provided information about KleenGrow and suggested saturating the soil biweekly to rid the pots of algae and to prevent disease contamination of this crop.

Dream Come True

Much to their delight, the growers noticed the algae disappearing after the first treatment of KleenGrow. Algae was unnoticeable after subsequent treatments. The Cordyline were thriving and ready to be shipped to customers.

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