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Efficient heat distribution in greenhouses directly influences crop yields and product loss. Using our unique energy-saving additive EndoGreen® helps maximize the boiler system by hitting temperature set-points consistently, and can reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 15%.


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Improving Crop Yields Through Energy Efficiency

The Energy Efficiency Program focuses on mitigating the effects of global climate change by reducing CO2 emissions in the hydronic boiler or geothermal systems used in greenhouses and other indoor operations.

At the heart of the program is EndoGreen®, an energy-saving water additive that lowers natural gas consumption and CO2 emissions of closed-loop boiler systems by up to 10-15%.

EndoGreen® is added to system water which reduces water tension by 60%. This increases heat exchange between the water and pipe or coil, maximizing the efficiency and performance of the system.

Causes of Energy Inefficiency in Grower Operations

Greenhouses and indoor growing facilities with hydronic boilers and geothermic systems use recirculated water to distribute heat. Water has a high surface tension which limits the heat transfer contact area within the pipes, thus limiting the amount and consistency of heat distributed into the building.

By reaching temperature set points faster and providing the heat more efficiently, boiler equipment doesn’t run as often, uses less fuel, and emits fewer greenhouse gasses.

Benefits of Improved Boiler Efficiency

EndoGreen Case Studies

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A Long Way To Go

A large greenhouse was experiencing product loss and increased energy bills associated with their natural gas-powered hydronic boiler. Poor heat exchange in the boiler system resulted in inconsistent heating, poor DeltaT and more fuel from the boiler.

Breathing New Life

Pace experts assessed the closed-loop system. EndoGreen® was added to boiler system water to decrease the surface tension between the water and surfaces of pipes. By making heat exchange more efficient, the heat travels more effectively through the large pipe system.

Positive Results

Results in heat output throughout the system and fuel use were almost immediate. Improved heat exchange caused the boiler system to operate at a higher efficiency, requiring less fuel. Temperature set-points were hit more consistently, making heat delivery across the facility more efficient and evenly distributed.

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