Cleaning & Odour Control

Industrial equipment and vehicles must be cleaned and maintained to extend operational life. Cleanliness extends across the operation, making it more compliant and pleasant for workers and neighbours.

Industrial Solutions For Punishing Environments

Clean-Up is an alkaline cleaner designed to remove oil and grease along with compacted dust, dirt and other material that have clung to the surface or fouled parts. The high foaming-action breaks down deposits and leaves surfaces clean.

Exposure to high temperatures can make deposits difficult to remove, making them more adhesive and turning them nearly to tar. Without Clean-up and regular maintenance, abrasion can degrade axles, gears, bearings, etc. leading to downtime.

Livestock waste and operations also require a foaming cleaner to mitigate labor from scrubbing troughs, pens, transport trailers, etc. It helps mitigate odour and, when part of a comprehensive cleaning schedule, is an essential part of animal health and workplace safety.

For facility cleaning, it is excellent to couple with a disinfectant as part of the Pace ACBD System® (Always Clean Before Disinfecting) for complete cleaning & disinfecting with residual control.  By cleaning the surface with Clean-Up, then applying KleenGrow, hard surfaces maintain ongoing microbial control.

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