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Using environmentally friendly biodegradable products to enhance plant quality and improve crop yield. When soil around the root system is able to facilitate maximum absorption of water, nutrients and other additives, crop yields are healthier, more vibrant, and abundant.

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Maximizing & Revitalizing Soil

UpTake is a biodegradable soil adjuvant, wetting agent, and spreader sticker that increases water penetration through the soil. The result is improved root growth and plant quality for greenhouses and field crops.

A triple-action cationic adjuvant designed to improve the performance of water and fertilizers, when added to water in irrigation systems, UpTake improves penetration and wettability of water into the growing media.

UpTake growers have found they can use less water to sufficiently wet plug trays and pots during regular watering. Customers have reduced the cost of labor by dosing it into mist lines, watering tunnels and pre-ship watering stations.

Effective at rates as low as 2 ppm, UpTake’s high tolerance for hard water makes it effective at removing mineral buildup from inside irrigation systems during the growing season, preventing clogging, maintaining pressure, and facilitating consistent water volumes.


Soil Repellence

Following a round of severe weather events in the previous season, a large crop displayed uneven patterns of growth and health. After testing, growers discovered patches of severe soil repellence where water had evaporated faster than it could be absorbed. This left expensive water additives on the surface with fewer nutrients reaching the root system.

Dry Patch Solutions

After consulting a local expert, growers applied UpTake to irrigation water to facilitate the absorption of water by the soil, extend the water’s reach, and more efficiently deliver additives to root systems.

Crop-Wide Improvement

Applying UpTake early in the season helped revitalize the crop. Tests showed the soil quickly absorbed water and root systems were extending deeper. Since the additive was applied to the entire section, improvements to plant vitality and health were observed across the crop.


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