Water Enhancement

Engineering Water

Sustainability is at the heart of our water enhancement efforts. If water is more efficient and works to its maximum potential, then waste is reduced. By enhancing water’s usefulness and absorption, crops have higher and healthier yields with less runoff.

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Water Is The Life Of Your Business

The Water Enhancement Program focuses on the quality of water for the horticulture, greenhouse, nursery, and specialty agriculture industries. From seed to shipping, water is the delivery system for most nutrients, pesticides and fertilizers to trees, nursery stock, field crops, greenhouses, orchards, and cannabis.

Without enhancement, water can be inefficient. As part of the Water Enhancement Program, Pace Plant Health Advocates help growers operate efficiently starting at the intake of irrigation water to the product rolling out of the operation.

Pace’s triple-action wetting agent is a biodegradable soil adjuvant, penetrant and spreader sticker that increases water penetration through the soil to boost the performance of pesticides, insecticides, miticides, fertilizers, and herbicides.


Hydrophobic Soil

Having finally purchased the adjacent property previously used for grazing, a farmer made plans to expand. Soil tests revealed a low moisture absorption rate which could affect crop yields and quality consistency.

Building on Past Success

Although the problem was not as acute on the existing cropland, Pace’s wetting agent successfully helped with similar patches of hydrophobic soil in other parts of the operation. The farmer ordered enough for the first phase of expansion.

Experience and Great Products

Using well-researched tilling and planting techniques on a section, along with applying Pace’s wetting agent, the new program exceeded budget expectations. This offered a greater return on investment and allowed for a faster ramp-up to full operation.

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