Total Cleaning Solution

With concerns over cross-contamination and worker health, growers seek an eco-friendly hard surface disinfectant solution with ongoing microbial prevention. When used with a Pace cleaner, it offers a cleaning solution from the greenhouse to the breakroom.

Contamination Issues

Managers of a nursery discovered some contamination issues resulting in product loss. They found it was associated with the inadequate disinfecting of trays and bins. Hard work surfaces also needed disinfecting, so operators sought an economical solution.

Formulated For Greenhouses & Nurseries

Upon a recommendation from another nursery, managers contacted a Pace product distributor. Following the Pace ACBD System®, nursery staff washed hard surfaces with a cleaner, rinsed and applied KleenGrow.

Prevention & Control

After several months of using KleenGrow, the contamination issue was eliminated and product loss was mitigated. Nursery managers reported a cleaner and more efficient work environment and have since implemented Strip-It Pro into their day-to-day cleaning & disinfecting procedures by implementing the Pace ACBD System®.

Sustainable Microbial Control

KleenGrow is a hard surface disinfectant with a 2-4 week residual. The environmentally friendly, 4th generation quaternary ammonium formulation is highly effective in preventing microbial growth.

Safe for use in environments where harsh chemicals and fumes can have an adverse effect on plants and soil, KleenGrow is a trusted and effective workhorse in the horticulture industry.

As a cornerstone of the Pace ACBD System® (Always Clean Before Disinfecting), it remains a cost-effective way to disinfect greenhouse structures, benches, trays, coolers, and more.

KleenGrow is often used in tandem with Strip-It or Horti-Klor, cleaners employed by growers for removal of dirt, biofilm, algae, and mineral build-up. When applied to an unused clean surface, KleenGrow offers lasting protection from surface-borne microbial contaminants. Surfaces with heavy or sustained use should be cleaned at least every 3 days.

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