Trusted Efficacy, Lasting Protection

With concerns over cross-contamination and worker health, growers seek an eco-friendly hard surface disinfectant solution with ongoing microbial prevention. When used with a Pace cleaner, it offers a cleaning solution from the greenhouse to the breakroom.

Sustainable Microbial Control

KleenGrow is a quaternary ammonium that controls algae and liverwort as well as diseases such as downy mildew, powdery mildew, Alternaria, Botrytis, Clavibacter, and bacterial blights caused by Erwinia. KleenGrow is approved for use on greenhouse ornamental, foliage, and flowering crops. Used as a preventative and curative measure, KleenGrow can be used at propagation to finished crops.

The mode of action is through membrane disruption which prevents buildup of pathogen resistance, enabling broad spectrum control. KleenGrow’s active ingredient is longer-lasting than other fungistats, providing superior crop protection.

Safe for use in environments where harsh chemicals and fumes can have an adverse effect on plants and soil, KleenGrow is a trusted and effective workhorse in the horticulture industry.

Take control of your pest management to maintain healthy crops by improving   environmental situations that could compromise plant health.

Refer to the product label for the most up to date disease control information.

KleenGrow is often used in tandem with Strip-It or Horti-Klor, cleaners employed by growers for removal of dirt, biofilm, algae, and mineral build-up. When applied to a clean surface, KleenGrow offers lasting protection from viruses and hard surfaces.

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