Pace Solutions Partners With Spartan Bioscience To Provide Legionella DNA Test Results In 1 Hour

12 Sep 2020
Glenn Strelau Senior Vice President

Pace Solutions Corp. is pleased to announce a partnership program with Spartan Bioscience to provide rapid on-site DNA detection of Legionella bacteria.

This testing service will provide highly accurate qPCR analysis in 45 minutes, compared to waiting weeks with the standard culture test method.  Unlike lab-based qPCR methods, Spartan’s proprietary technology detects live and not dead bacteria, utilizing a test method that is validated according to ISO 12869.

Legionella is a pathogenic group of bacteria that includes the species L. pneumophila, which can contaminate building water systems, such as cooling towers, fluid coolers, water features and potable water systems.   When people breathe in water vapor that has been contaminated with Legionella, they are at risk of contracting Legionellosis, a pneumonia type illness called Legionnaires’ disease, which is statistically fatal in 1 in 10 people.  Traditionally testing methods can be too slow or inaccurate to prevent Legionnaires’ outbreaks. 

This DNA-based diagnostic technique allows Pace to provide their clients with;

  • Fast (<1 hour) and accurate detection of Legionella on site
  • Immediate validation of Legionella remediation effectiveness
  • Immediate validation of Legionella risk management program
  • Preventing & addressing potential Legionella outbreaks before they occur at your site
  • An additional testing method to be used in parallel with your existing testing method to provide the most comprehensive prevention program

For more information on how Pace can implement DNA detection of Legionella at your site(s), contact us at the Pace Legionella Team