Pace Chemicals Changes Name to Pace Solutions, Launches New Website

16 Sep 2020
Pace Solutions

A trusted name in water treatment programs, disinfectants and cleaners, Pace Chemicals Ltd. has changed its name to Pace Solutions Corporation. Along with a new name, the company has updated its brand and introduced a new website to reflect its addition of innovative energy-saving water additive technology.

“The name has changed from ‘Chemicals’ to ‘Solutions’ because our intent has always been to find the best solutions for our customers,” said company President and CEO, Wes Martin. “This is reflected in continuing education to our team on the best practices available in the industries we service.”

In our Water Treatment division, the new brand features four primary colours representing the four parts of the company’s focused expertise in water treatment, energy conservation, legionella risk management and pre-treatment solutions.

Similarly, in our Plant Health division, the four primary colours represent our plant health expertise in water enhancement, energy efficiency, disease control and cleaning/disinfecting solutions.

These colours are also set in a sectional cross characterising the company’s nearly 40-year history of dedication to water conservation and healthier crops.

“Having witnessed Pace’s evolution from the optimistic but humble early days into the visionary company we’ve become today is very exciting,” said Glenn Strelau, Senior Vice President. “The new technologies and services we’re introducing to our customers emphasizes how much we, as a company and group of people, have grown in the area of conservation.”

To learn more about how Pace Solutions can make water work better for your organization or operation by improving energy efficiency, lowering your carbon footprint and improving water quality and conservation, visit