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How does KleenGrow kill microbes?

KleenGrow disrupts cellular membranes which provides broad spectrum control.

Will KleenGrow control bacteria?

Yes, it will control all microbes on hard surfaces and on plants upon contact.

Why should I use KleenGrow instead of Bleach?

KleenGrow has residual up to 30 days on a hard surface, therefore it continues to control microbes and algae. Bleach dissipates quickly without residual microbial control. It also takes up 8oz/gal of bleach for effective hard surface control, but only 1 oz/gal of KleenGrow.

What is the REI (Re-Entry Interval) of KleenGrow?

We have created a chart to explain KleenGrow rates and REI below:

48 HR 0.06 to 0.38 Spray or drench application over crops for disease control
12 HR 0.03 to 0.20 Intermittent chemigation for disease control on crops
0 HR 0.003 to 0.014 Continuous chemigation- for water borne pathogen control
0 HR 0.12 to 2.0 Hard Surface Cleaning & Disinfection
Can KleenGrow be used for continuous injection into water source AND as a weekly or biweekly over-the-top treatment?

Yes, there are specific rates for each use:

  • 2-5ppm injected continuously controls algae and diseases in the irrigation lines and water
  • 40-175ppm weekly or biweekly, as a spray or drip, depending on crop or if being used on greenhouse crops controls diseases and algae on crops.
Does the KleenGrow label permit use of the product on food contact and greenhouse areas safely?

Yes, KleenGrow can be used to disinfect indoor and greenhouse growing areas for all crops including flowers, vegetable, herbs, and hemp. For packing areas, KleenGrow can be used at 200ppm on surfaces that come in contact with produce.


I just bought Strip-It, but how do I use it?

While wearing appropriate protective equipment, apply foam to surfaces in a greenhouse that need cleaning or inject into irrigation lines to remove mineral build-up. Be sure to cover plants to protect them. Always make sure to flush irrigation lines until the pH returns to normal, and pressure rinse with water to remove Strip-It Pro from all surfaces.

How is Horti-Klor different than Strip-It?

Horti-Klor is an alkaline cleaner and Strip-It is an acid based cleaner. Horti-Klor can be used indoors and outdoors, while Strip-It can only be used in greenhouses or outdoors.

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