Building Performance Improvements by Introducing Hydronic Additives to Boiler Plant Loops

25 Oct 2021
Will Wilson Development and Sustainability Manager


Coquitlam School District (SD43) conducted a pilot study that was run at 4 elementary schools between September 2020 and March 2021 to review the performance of EndoTherm® on its heating plants. EndoTherm is a surfactant additive for hydronic HVAC boiler systems which claims to improve heat transfer and lower energy consumption.

The sites were selected out of a sample of 45 schools based on their correlation between consumption and heating degree days (HDD) and the tightness of the heating loop. This baseline and subsequent trendline were used to predict consumption in the post-installation comparative period taking guidance from Option C of the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP).

The impact of COVID-19 on sites was measured by comparing these sites with other sites with no reported technological or mechanical changes. Over the 6- to 7-month study period, the four Endotherm® pilot sites reduced consumption by 11.35%, while compared control sites saw an increase of 8.05%.

During the study period, the sample sites saved $3003 in reduced energy consumption and reduced emissions by 18,700 kg of CO2e. Based on this performance, the simple payback is expected to be within two years when incorporating a FortisBC rebate from the local natural gas utility. This pilot study will be used by the school district for further installation approval for other sites within their portfolio.

Download the article PDF as seen in the Journal of Energy Management.