Pace Solutions Acquisition Expands Ontario Water Treatment Service

07 Jun 2021
Wes Martin President

Pace Solutions, the fastest growing water treatment and energy conservation company in Canada, announces the purchase of an established Ontario water treatment servicer, Glengarry Chemicals Ltd. The new entity, Glengarry Solutions, expands Pace Solutions’ water treatment and energy conservation divisions in Canada. The new company will service water systems for mixed-use buildings and commercial facilities throughout the Greater Toronto Area. It provides water additives, maintenance and testing that increase water quality, improves system performance, prevents legionella, and mitigates damaging leaks. The shift to Glengarry Solutions gives customers access to Pace Solutions’ entire suite of eco-friendly water treatment and energy-saving additives.

With a portfolio of 700+ customers across Ontario, Glengarry Solutions plans to retain the high level of service that customers have come to expect. From high-rise buildings to school facilities, maintaining a clean, sealed, and efficient water system is important to protecting public health and preventing property damage. Helmed by Glengarry’s long time General Manager, Andrew Aitchison, customers will experience no disruption in service and retain trusted relationships while having more product and service choices.

Glengarry Solutions plans to increase its workforce to expand the customer base across the Greater Toronto Area over the next two years. The enlarged product and service list may include EndoTherm™, an innovative energy-saving heating and cooling water additive, ProMoss™, the first all-natural plant-based water treatment solution for retaining clean potable water, and the Spartan Cube, which reduces legionella response time, analysis, and reporting from up to a week to under an hour. Customers are encouraged to visit Glengarry Solutions for more information or contact for questions or inquiries.