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How does EndoTherm work?

EndoTherm reduces the surface tension of system water by 60% which increases heat transfer. The
increase heat transfer improves system efficiency.

How long is the simple payback from adding EndoTherm?

The average payback is 18 months. Results vary based on cost of energy, energy demand, and system

Is EndoTherm safe on HVAC components like copper, aluminum, mild steel, plastics etc?

Yes, EndoTherm has been independently verified to be safe on all materials used in traditional HVAC

Do I have to drain my system before adding EndoTherm?

Draining is not required for most systems with good water quality. It is always recommend to have balanced water treatment for peak energy efficiency.

What types of buildings can use EndoTherm?

EndoTherm can be used in any type of building including residential, institutional, commercial,
industrial, health care, military etc.

Can EndoTherm be used with traditional water treatment for corrosion prevention or freeze protection?

Yes, EndoTherm is non-ionic, meaning it can be used in parallel with traditional corrosion inhibitors and glycol.

Can EndoTherm reduce gas consumption in high efficiency boiler?

Yes. EndoTherm impacts the heat transfer capability of the system water therefore will save energy in all types of hydronic boilers. High efficiency boilers specifically benefit from the colder return water found in EndoTherm treated systems.


Is Parafos safe to have in drinking water?

Yes, Parafos is NSF certified safe to use in drinking water.

Does Parafos add any taste to the water?

No, Parafos is clear, colourless, and tasteless.

Does Parafos add any sodium to my drinking water?

Parafos contains a trace amount of sodium. Parafos® adds only a small fraction of the amount of sodium (often less than 1%) compared to conventional ion exchange water softening.

How does Parafos prevent scale from forming?

Parafos sequesters calcium and magnesium ions, keeping minerals in suspension and eliminating
crystalline scale buildup.

I have corrosion issues that are causing leaks in my system. Can Parafos help?

Yes. Parafos forms a microscopic layer inside the piping, protecting the internal plumbing surfaces.

Eco Program

What can be included in the Eco Program?

The Eco Program is customizable to suite your needs. This turnkey package can include the follow solutions and services:

  • EndoTherm (Energy Saving Additive)
  • Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Glycol
  • Regular water testing
  • Filters
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Legionella Test and Water Management
  • Cloud-based reporting software
  • Ancillary equipment
  • On-call service technician
  • Staff training
  • Potable water treatment
What is the process to start the Eco Program?

Before starting the Eco Program the Pace team will evaluate your current water quality, energy and water consumption. The team will take a holistic approach to designing the best program to protect your system and maximize efficiency.

Do you offer a monthly payment plan?

Yes, the program offers monthly, quarterly or annual billing options.

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